Narcissistic much?

Yeah. I love myself. I love myself enough to protect me, my vulnerable self from getting hurt. I can hope to stop every thought that will pass my mind, every thought that will remind me of something that hurts. That’s how I shield myself from getting hurt without others knowing. I stop every feeling that will creep up on my heart. Cause I feel like it. I don’t want to try risk myself, cause risking has many connotations. It may be risk that will either be good or bad for you. But nevertheless, every risk has its corresponding consequences.

Why risk yourself, if you can take caution?

That’s the safer way. Love YOURSELF before loving OTHERS. If you are aware of yourself, of what you want in life, then that will be the time that THAT SOMETHING you want will come. That will be time you will be ready. Because you’ve prepared yourself long enough. But once you get that something and no matter how much you prepared yourself, there will still come the time, where you will be completely taken by surprise. Because LIFE is a SURPRISE, you cannot make yourself PLAN every single thing, because UNEXPECTED things will eventually come out.

I LOVE MYSELF awareness day for me. (April 27, 2011)


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