Should I even feel confused?

As time flies by I can’t help but think if I am still clear with my feelings, about how I feel now. I do not even know how I feel, how I should react to the stuffs that have been going on. Come on. Everything starts with a joke.



I do not want to take on a role of a girl who deludes herself into thinking that boys are going to like her. I just simply cannot let myself do that because I am not pretty at all. Why should I get my hopes up if I know that in every word said lies a joke, a joke that is either meant or just a joke at all. Honestly, I’m not made up to face situations like this. I am a totally stubborn person, really, stubborn in believing that no guy is going to be serious with me.


Then, there are moments that come and make me wish to believe that I am at some point can be liked by boys. But, my subconscious is always fighting with me regarding that thought. I’m like “Are you serious? Do you believe that he will like you too? Don’t get your hopes up gal. He’s just joking. Remember that. Don’t get yourself hurt.”


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