Passing The Nursing Licensure Examination


Yes. That’s my name. This is actually my first post after a long long time of being busy with other aspects in my life. I just want to share the experience of how it felt.

For 4 years, 3 summers, and 3 months, I’ve really worked hard to gain these two letters: R-N (Registered Nurse). This, for me, is like the final stage of my life as a student nurse. In the Philippines, you will still see a lot of unemployed nurses, but even if that’s the case, there is still the amazing feeling of being able to pass the NLE. I feel proud of myself, for all the efforts that I’ve put on this. There were a lot of sleepless nights while I wait for the results to come out.

On the day that the result was released, I’ve given up all of the doubts in my mind. All I said over and over in my mind is that “I’m already an RN.” I’ve given my best during the exams and I prayed hard. Well, my prayers were answered on the 23rd of August, in the afternoon. As I scrolled through the names of the passers whose surnames start with letter C, my hands were visibly shaking, afraid of what will come, because this will determine my future.

Then, it goes, I saw my name. I’m 7038th on the list alphabetically. I cannot stop crying at that moment. It was like pure tears of joy and I kept screaming because I was so damn happy that I jumped as well.

That day was like one of the highlights in my life. I’ve learned that as long as you’ve put an effort into something, you will surely be rewarded.

Still high from my success in passing the board exam. Well, I belong to those 27,823 out of 60,895 who passed. Seriously, it looked like The Hunger Games, Nursing Version.


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