Sometimes, we get frustrated.

After being able to achieve some things that I wish for myself, I need to accept the fact that it comes with great responsibility. There are much more expectations, and I find people watching what’s my next step. I guess, most of them, expect me to land a job at a blink of an eye. In times like this wherein economic instability is fairly known among us, I wish they would not put high expectations on me. I am tired of being pressured just because I have to please people.

I cannot help but get frustrated over the fact that some people have it easier. They get things easier and things are handed to them or being spoonfed to them, like they don’t even have to work about it. Maybe that was my jealousy speaking. I feel frustrated because I have to try over and over again. I have to put so much effort on things that sometimes I think maybe I’m a person who should be the lead character in The Series of Unfortunate Events but I can’t bring myself to do it because I damn know that I have a lot of other great things to be thankful about.

I guess, now, I realize, that maybe, it’s not so easy at all for all of us. We have our own problems/frustrations, whatever we call it. But on the other side, we must realize that we are still lucky that we’ve got more things to be grateful about. And that, maybe, it’s just going to be all okay at the right time and at the right place. Who knows?


2 thoughts on “Sometimes, we get frustrated.

  1. In the end, everything should sort out, one way or another πŸ™‚ Cheer up and congrats on your blog, glad to stop by !

    • Yes, I really hope things will get better soon. Thank you for taking your time to stop by my blog and read my rants, I’m sort of new here in a way. I really appreciate it. πŸ™‚

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