What do I really want to do with my life?

There’s always this moment wherein I totally just stop what I’m doing and over-think about the things going on in my life, a hobby of mine.  I always definitely over-think about: “What do I really want to do with my life?” I don’t get frustrated anymore about things not turning out how I wanted it to be. It just came to the point wherein I realized that there’s always a reason behind all of the things that are occurring in my life. I did not even feel sad for the failures in my past, I know I’ve learned so much from it.

Anyways, I had these opportunities that showed up. In my head, it was just so tempting, to take advantage of these opportunities. But, I over-analyzed everything, then, it just felt wrong. It was like, yes, I could totally grab this opportunity, but then what’s next? It was as if it will just feel wrong. If I want to be practical, I will take the opportunity, but in my heart, I know that I will not be happy doing it. I just feel that I belong somewhere else. I’m just really in the point of life wherein I just want to feel happy with what I choose. I just want to choose something that would make sense, on what I should really do with my life.


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