Dear me,

It just depends on how you think. Whatever comes into your life, I know you’ll get through it. You may get confused by some things that has been happening, but one day, you’ll find the reasons behind it. You may get your heart broken, your self-esteem hurt or whatever, but it will mend one day. You can not just stay at one point and think of the negativity in life, move on, keep smiling, and hope. Nothing’s wrong with it. One day may be a bad day, but it’s not going to remain that way. Remember, many people love you and they love you for who you are, so why think the worst of yourself. Pray, it’s the best armor that you’ve got. Repeat positive mantras over your head, until it happens. Work it out until you figure out what’s best for you and where you would get happy. Never ever give up.


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