I remember a particular day I spent last year with my friends. We were all like sharing stories about each others lives and pretty much talking about anything we could ever think for. I was not in a good mood at that day but I think I was able to get over it because of all the funny and swoon worthy stories I heard. That day was like a total-friendship bonding day. We watched movies, ate, talked some more, and took pictures.

There was a moment there where we spent by writing “What Are We Going To Be In Ten Years Time”. As I write of this, I still smile to myself. It felt that it was just yesterday when we were at my friend’s bedroom, writing our goals and what we want to have in the future. It was a good memory. I remembered writing there that I will pass the nursing licensure exam and become a registered nurse. Good for me, I achieved that one now. I can recall that I wrote every single dream that came across my mind at that time. I wrote how I want to accomplish more, study and obtain some more degrees. I don’t know how it is going to be possible but I can hope right? Yeah, I even put there that I will find my real-life Prince Charming , travel to places I want to see (particularly Macau or Venice or London or Paris), make more friends, give my parents great life and so much more.

I guess the whole point of me being sentimental here on remembering that particular time with my friends was that: “I can dream of anything. There’s nothing wrong with it. Dreaming is the first step to obtaining what I want. Time will come when all that is meant to happen to me will occur and all that I deserve will arrive.”


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