Gut feeling


Take time to pause. Maybe you should follow it.

Gut feeling. Intuition. Instinct. We all know how this goes on inside of us though we really cannot tell the exact reason why we have this. There are times wherein you just feel good or bad about something without knowing why and you say to yourself that you’ve got to follow it.

I totally had lots of this the other day. I was faced with a situation. There was an opportunity that came up, and some part of me had this bad feeling about this “so-called-opportunity” that occurred.

My mind was like: “No. Don’t do this or that.” Stupidly, I was so stubborn that first, I went against my instinct. I felt that my mind is really bugging me yesterday so that I will not show up for the meeting that I agreed on about this opportunity.

It’s true that you can never really trust somebody that fast. And I’m glad that I did not yesterday. Some things presented to me was so good to be true, that it gave me a real hard time to believe that it can happen. I’m just being practical and I don’t want to be fooled. Call me afraid of the risks but I’m used to being me over-thinking about things. I’m used to having a rationale to all the things that I do.

Luckily, I was sent home earlier the other day  so that “I’ll be able to really think about it”, just like what the agent said. When I got home, I took her advice seriously. I did research on the said opportunity and later on, my mind became crystal clear. Good thing, I afforded to be clever about the situation. Considering the amounts of information that I was able to find out regarding the opportunity, I was more than glad to know that I did not take risk and was not fooled into something I know that will cause me a lot and make me feel regrets.



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