People who are meant to stay.

Ever wondered who are these people?

“nods* Yes, we all do get a sentimental moment wherein we wonder who among these who people will never leave us.

In my case, I’m pretty sure, I can check my family on my list. No matter how sometimes they can be so irritating, I just do love them. I don’t ever think they’ll be missing in action in my life.

Friends. Some I was able to keep, some were not. I, constantly, have issues with some people who do not put an effort to stay in my life. I get sad when they don’t remember me, even just a text or tweet, there are those who do not bother.

Over time, I realized that I did not really have to have issues with the people who let me go. Firstly, on my part, when I feel that the person I know is beginning to slip away, I make an effort. When they do not seem to just put the same effort as I do, that’s when I let go. I let them be. That’s the way I know who are these people who are meant to stay in my life. If those ones who leave get away and come back, well, I can always give second chances. We all deserve it.

Right now, I’m interested into making more friends and hopefully not letting them go.

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