Oath Taking

OATH TAKING: A requirement for the newly board passers. I’m not sure if other professions have this too, but for Nursing, yes, it is a MUST.

I woke up this morning pretty excited. Well, this may be for the reason that another remarkable moment in my life is about to happen. After a long time, I, once again, wore my Gala Uniform with my pin and Nursing CAP. The Oath Taking took place in my former school. Half of the batch (who passed) were scheduled in the morning. The weather was gloomy, it was all raining, but it can’t let me down. I’m too happy to be saddened by the rain.

There, once again, I took the sight of the swarm of all of the FEU BOARD PASSERS. I also get to see all the people I know from College. It feels good to congratulate them as well.The usual picture taking happened. Too bad I don’t have a camera to capture the moments.

So, the ceremony took place, with lots of inspirational messages from our Dean, Batch Government Officers, PNA Chapter Director, and BON Chairman.

I was particularly hooked on the line: “Love your calling. It is the light of your life.” from one of the speakers. I guess I have to take that seriously. Loving what you do will indeed make you live in the light of happiness.

I’m just starting my journey as a REGISTERED NURSE.



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