My Birthdays

It’s mid-September. During the 27th of September, I celebrate my birthday. So, it’s just 10 days to go before I turn 21. Really, I feel like nothing’s changed yet.

Pretty boring start. Haha. But I just want to share something on how I celebrate my birthday each year. Every year, I have to endure the fact that when I celebrate my birthday, it has always have to be spent with storms or typhoons. I’m just lucky if there will ever be a year when I don’t spend it that way.

Anyways, my birthday last year was the only time I spent it alone. Literally alone. I was at my home and classes were suspended. The wind outside was so strong, anyone is afraid to get out, because we’re all thinking that something might fly across and get injured. Totally terrifying experience. Also, the electricity was out at that day. Way way good to spend my birthday. It’s really lonely to know that you’re alone.

But, just like what people say, we always have to find the goodness in the things that are occurring around us. I have to agree with that because then I realized how I am still lucky. I was lucky that my friends remembered to greet me that day even though it’s disaster outdoors. I am just so thankful as well because everyone I love were safe at that day and they were not affected by the typhoon.

I guess it just really depends on what is our outlook in life, on how we look at things. Definitely, if we want to see the positive side of every situation, we’ll be able to appreciate and just be happy with the things that we’ve got.


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