Daydreaming, one of my favorite hobbies. These are moments where I just zone out and get into my happy place, well, that’s what it seems to me. When things in my life get too much, I retreat to my happy place and long for beautiful things to happen.

In my happy place, I am in a faraway land wearing a pretty dress, the breeze blows my hair away, I smile at the beautiful sunshine and the sea ahead me. In a distance, I see my family and friends laughing, all worries gone. There are no complications of life. Things did not make me hurt so much. And I won’t forget to imagine, my own personal Prince Charming.

Oh or maybe, I’d be different from who I am right now. I’d be much more confident and lively, maybe then, everybody would love me.

We can always daydream as much as we can. Who knows what we dream about will come true someday? We can always believe. In ourselves. In God. In good karma. Whatever it is.

Nothing stays the same. As what I learned when I was in second year high school, CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT THING IN THIS WORLD.


7 thoughts on “Daydreaming

  1. you know when i came to university, most of the girls in my class hated me. and I used to think… “whaaaa…??!! what did I ever do to them?!?! I don’t even involve in their personal matters!?” . There was no rational reason for them to dislike me, and so i moved on. Just recently i’ve changed and people started talking to me for the first time. And now i’m scared that they are actuually coming up to me but I don’t want them to..!! LOL!
    I wrote this in response to your sentence “maybe then everybody would love me..”

    • uhmm..thanks first for reading my post, I guess there are some who can relate to what I’ve written..if you think changing is what’s good for you, then go for it! Good for you if people are starting to talk to you. Just be yourself and relax..maybe you’ll be friends with them..With regards to the “maybe then everybody would love me”, I more of thought that from my that’s it, but I’m trying to be more optimistic to things..I hope better things will come our way 🙂

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