Decisions. Decisions.

We always come to a point in our lives wherein we have to make decisions that we know can hugely affect our lives. It’s really a lot of pressure sometimes. There are always people who are watching and judging us for what we do. What do I want to say about this? Well, don’t mind them!

In making decisions, we ask ourselves: “Is this what is right for me?” or “Am I going to be happy with this decision?” I guess, there’s always the difference between these two or can be so similar. I remember a quote from Kristen Stewart that sounds like: “Sometimes the thing that seems to be messed up for everybody is the right one for you.” I would have to agree to that, a lot. I mean, in making decisions, it’s always hard to weigh down the choices. The options may give you many benefits, but, the most important indicator of making a decision is whether you’ll be happy with it once it’s done. Some of us think  (including myself): “Is this what they want for me?”, “Are they going to be proud of me when I do this?”, and we commonly end up with: “They’re going to be so proud of me when I do this or that. So, I’ll do it.”

What we fail to realize is, do we make decisions to please others or please yourself? Well, we all have our own answers to that. But I guess, we should follow our heart and what our instincts tell us. It’s our won lives to live anyway. No matter how it turns out, at least, you’ve got control over your life. Whether we succeed or fail because of the decision we made, either way, we get to LEARN.


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