Dedication post to my friend and other friend.

*Another rant post of mine* (Well, actually, all are rant posts)


I was so touched by her gesture yesterday. I know we’re all busy and everything, but she made an effort to drop by my house and give me a gift for my birthday. Unfortunately, I was not home when she came there. But my brother told me that she dropped by and left me a milk tea (which I totally love), a rose, and a letter. Actually, I did not expect to receive anything from my college friends because I know we’re all broke (for the mean time, cause we’re still fresh grads and unemployed). And still, she surprised me. I appreciated her simple gifts and will definitely treasure it. Her letter was funny too, I was smiling the whole time I was reading it. Then, I called her yesterday to bombard her with all the Thank You’s I can give.

Friend 2

She’s a high school friend of mine. She’s one of those friends that even if you don’t see her for a long time, she’s someone who never forgets. I got a text from her 3 days before my birthday. She was all worried and greeted me in advance because she was afraid she might forget it since she’s busy preparing for her Board Exam. She’s funny though and I love this friend of mine because she greeted me each day until today. She does not know how she added up to my happiness level today.

Haha. Boring post is boring. This is my blog anyway. So, there it goes.


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