It’s my Birthday!

My birthday this year has been a break from all the rainy birthdays I had from the past years. I am totally happy that my wish to celebrate it on a sunny day came true. Not only that, I was able to spend my special day with my family.

I’m not like the type who is always able to celebrate birthdays with big parties and alike. I don’t even receive expensive gifts anymore. I guess, as I get older, I get to realize simple things in life that I have yet to appreciate.

I feel contented and happy by the fact that: 1) I did not celebrate my birthday alone, 2) It’s not rainy/stormy, 3) My friends didn’t forget to greet me, 4) My mum cooked for me, 5) Chocolates, and 6) Fangirling.

Totally simple but happy day for me. 🙂 For 21 years of my existence.

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