Awkward Conversations

Being stuck in a conversation wherein you can’t allow yourself to react that much is one of the moments in which you wish for the floor to split into two and eat you alive.

I was faced with this very situation earlier today. I was spending time with my college friends and we were talking about all random topics we can think of. I’ll tell you, I’m lucky enough that I did not feel left out and I found it in me to talk “a lot” today.

Suddenly, the topic went to someone whom i’d hate to say peaks my interest, because maybe I did or did not have feelings for him. They all talked about the break-up that person went through and it’s a popular topic among the people in our batch.

At that moment, my two closest friends noticed that I fell silent and they were eyeing me speculatively, waiting for their reaction. While the others are all oblivious to my reaction, deep inside, I was trying not to act obvious and pretend that I don’t give a single damn about the topic. I made sure that I said the ooh’s and aah’s at proper times, or made simple remarks, so that they won’t notice.

That’s what made it awkward, maybe, just for me. It just doesn’t feel right for me to dig in for more regarding to what happened to him. I really shouldn’t care and listen anymore because for all I know, he doesn’t even seem to care about me too.

Move on Jenny. Move on.


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