If happy ever after did exist…

Does “Happy Ever After” still exist for me?

This is a question that pops out into my mind once in a while. I know I’ve been posting love-related things before this, I don’t even know if I’m in love or something.

I guess I’m one of those people who worry the worst out when it comes to love. I don’t even have a lot of experience when it comes to that matter. I think it just bugs me for no reason.

In my case, I’m still waiting for my Happy Ever After (HEA). I know most people are still in the same place as me. Some, well, I guess, they’re too lucky to have found theirs.

They always say “Good things come to those who wait.” or “True Love Waits.” I hope I’ll never get tired of waiting though. Hope is the only thing I should hold onto. I’m not exactly looking out for my Happy Ever After, but I’m kinda into wanting to hurry myself, and that would be me and my stubborn self talking. I see my friends having theirs and it’s making me feel paranoid. I don’t want to be the one who’s left  bitter. Yep, I may sound jealous and shallow right now.

And just like what I mentioned in my previous post, I’m having another mind war. I’m thinking about my HEA, but then, I want to focus on living my life and starting out a career. Then, I begin to think of those stories wherein the lead character doesn’t exactly look for a HEA, but unexpectedly, it appears and takes him/her off guard. I guess, I would love to be surprised when the right person comes. So, this is where I would settle and end my thoughts about having my HEA.


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