Plans and Changes.

As I took a moment and thought about how the past three months became a blur, I realized that I should do something to change the current state of life I have now. I admit in those three months, all I did was rest and procrastinate all the time. Now, I feel guilty.

I decided to read some “self-improvement” blogs out there and I think I’m going to follow some of the advises that I have read from there. Hopefully, I’ll become successful with all the plans that I have at the moment.

I was inspired by three things: First, I was reading a fanfiction and the lead character there made a list. The list was about all the things that she should accomplish before her next birthday comes. Second, the Sixty Small Ways to Improve Your Life in The Next 100 Days. Third, Thirty Challenges for Thirty Days. These are a-must-read.

I’m already done with my list (I still don’t know if I should post it here though). I’ll try to cross out as much as I can. So far, there are 30 items that I listed there. Most of it has something to do with my career, saving money and some stuff that I want to buy for myself. 😀 My favorite from my list was to give someone a DIY gift.

As for the Sixty Small Ways I can do to improve my life, I decided to pick some of it only. I took some notes on things that I should focus on such as avoiding wasting my time, getting things organized, and living a healthy lifestyle (It’s not like I have vices but I guess I’m just a person w/ a sedentary lifestyle nowadays. Sounds bad coming from a nurse, jk.)

Lastly, the 30 Challenges for 30 days. Obviously, I cannot do all the challenges I’m putting myself into with all these self-improvement activities I’m having. So, I need to be realistic. Again, I just chose some of the 30 challenges. I picked the “30 minute walk everyday”, reading a chapter of a novel per day, and reading few pages of a nursing related book each day.

I’m really praying that I’m going to accomplish these. I need a change and I’m starting to get bored, so I need to push myself further. May the odds be in my favor.


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