Shut down.

Oftentimes, I wish to just shut down. By shutting down, what I mean is not really listening to people who just rant on and on about how they are so miserable or how great their life is. It just depends. Or maybe it’s just on how I feel in a particular day. These are the instances where I would like to shut down:

  • Someone ranting on and on about the negativities in life. That person who always complain about everything and blame other people and not look at their own faults.
  • Having to listen to a friend who constantly talks about his/her current interest that do not even interest you.
  • People who talk about something or someone and you know just by listening that they are lying right in front of your face.
  • Those who brag about all the greatness in their life…
  • All the rumors that you’re too tired hearing of.
  • Hearing about a topic in which you are completely bitter about.
  • And many more to mention.

It’s too bad because I can’t completely just shut down. Sometimes, I wish I could be just plain mean and selfish, tell the person I’m not completely interested with the talk. But, I feel obligated to listen and care because some of these people are those people whom I care for. So yeah..



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