What it is like to be a fresh graduate and still job hunting

Only a few months ago, I can still remember myself rejoicing over the success of accomplishing my studies and passing the nursing board exam. Yes, I am still thankful for those. Being able to finish your studies is a great deal of privilege. Yeah, I know it too well too.

However, it’s so hard to find a job that fits my field of studies. It’s been like 3 months already that I’m stuck at home doing nothing. Not really nothing, I’m going to trainings and seminars, but still, most of the time, I do nothing. I’m still unemployed and I guess I’m sort of panicking because I don’t want to be the only one who is left unemployed when most of my batchmates are beginning to get hired. I need to really pinpoint why is that so.

If I think about it, I was so eager to do job hunting a few months back. I’ve sent my resumes to different companies but the position I was applying for is not medical-related. That’s only because I’m just qualified since I am a college graduate. I was interviewed and almost got the job, but there’s no luck. Maybe I got all too nervous or maybe I’ve ran out of confidence due to the interviews where I got rejected. Then, there would be some opportunities and  there will be times that my mind would totally go against the moment and just feel that if I got accepted for the job, I would not be happy with it. Therefore, not showing for the interview or really messing it up because I’m not in the right mood. It’s like having so much ambivalence  take over me.

To be honest, I have so much insecurities because I’m a fresh graduate and I don’t know too much about the field that I would like to get into. Worries also eat up my mind. And I know I have to stop myself and have loads of optimism if I want to start my career as a nurse.

Right now I am praying that one (maybe not one only) of the companies I’ve sent my resume to will pick it up and consider giving me a chance. I promise to really really try and do my best when I get called for an interview. I am looking forward to all the challenges and earn for myself and my family.

Positive thoughts are what I need now more than ever. *Chants: “Please pick my resume and give me a chance. Please..*


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