How I miss writing

As much as I’ve always loved reading, I also fell in love with writing. I know I’m not someone who writes the most beautiful novels, short stories, articles, blog entries, etc., but I’ve always loved the feeling of writing my thoughts and feelings.

In the past few days, though I’m not excessively busy, I somehow, lost time for writing. I miss having time for my journal. I miss having the privacy so that I can write, lost in my thoughts. I miss being able to write immediately whenever I have an idea in my mind.

Writing is my second escape from reality; reading is first. It’s some sort of therapy to keep me from going insane. When I don’t have a person to tell my problems or just some random complaints about my life, I write all about it in my journal, in my laptop, or in wordpress. Then I read it. I don’t know. That’s just me. Then, after reading what I wrote, I’ll instantly feel better and sometimes, I feel as though what I’ve written is just a bit silly. But, it’s totally fun. One of the things I’ve always enjoyed out of writing is that I can go back to my past. There are some entries about my daily activities in life, my misfortunes, my success, my imaginary love life, my frustrations, short stories, and more that are too many to mention.

Anyway, it’s good to be back 🙂



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