Dictator of your life

Ever felt that you don’t really have a control in the decisions you make for your life?

Most of us, I think, goes through this experience where we think that we are losing control of our lives and that we need people to help us with it.

In my case, I would say that I have some people who dictate me in some ways. I guess I’m a type of person who lives to have my decisions approved by these people I was mentioning about. And it’s not a good idea.

Having ‘dictators’ in life have the good and bad side with it, just like everything that exists on this planet. In the good side, you want your life to be dictated by them because you think that they probably know what’s best for you. You are in comfort zone because you live to please everyone by just playing out and following what they want. It sure does not take a lot of energy and so uncomplicated. Also, at some point, you feel good because you know that there are people who are willing to tell you advice and keep you on track.

However, this can really get ugly when you let a person dictate most things in your life. I’ve experienced it firsthand, who doesn’t? It makes you want to just be depressed because you have to follow what the heck they want you to do because you’re afraid of what they are going to say. They are a step ahead of you in making your life’s biggest decisions or worse even the smallest decisions on some life matters. You tell yourself over and over again that they know what’s good for you and that you’re so lucky because there are people who cares too much for you.

It feels like being caged, not being the one to control your own life and you just want to get out. You want freedom, you want advice not control.  It’s just so exhausting.

You just long for the time to just take the drive seat of your life because it’s yours to live anyway. Think of how good it would be to decide, make mistakes and learn from it, tell people you are just doing fine handling your own life. You just have to know what you want and that what you want to is what makes you happy. And by being happy that’s probably how you’ll know that what you’re doing is the best for you. Then, these dictators can back the hell off.


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