Fears are silly. Or not.

Recently, I have been undergoing a training and it’s the one I’m most nervous of. I don’t know why, but mainly, I think the fear has something to do with failures in the past. I was trying to get a hold on myself at those few days I’ve been there. My mind was always overthinking as it always does and worries about every single thing.

Then, it just came to the point that I’ve had enough of my freaking fears. I need to let go, I told myself. All I needed at that time was confidence and optimism. I chanted good things in my head over and over again. I made myself trust myself, that I can do it, and that I was strong enough to overcome the obstacles I’ve faced in the past. Prayers are a great tool too.

Maybe, it also has something to do with the law of attraction. I kept on replacing negative thoughts with the positive ones. I’ve done my part, I worked with lots of effort and I began to start thinking that if I prepared for something so well, how can I not make it? It makes sense. If I know I was ready and prepared, I sure as hell am going to be successful with it.

In the end, I realized, fears are silly. But maybe, not totally. Fear can be a good thing. It pushes us to be stronger and conquer that little voice in our mind telling us: “you cannot do it.”


6 thoughts on “Fears are silly. Or not.

  1. Hi,

    It’s funny i’ve been struggling with this for a while and just like you, i am now trying to put a positive where I would have immediately said something negative.

    So here is to each day we fet stronger.


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