Is it a bad thing if they say, you’ve changed?

I’ve recently met with my old friends. It was an overall fun day. We’ve got lots of catching up to do with one another. I guess I missed them considering it’s been so hard to set up a date when we will all be available.

One of my friends asked me though at one point. She asked me, when did I become quiet? She said that I’m not like that in the past and my other friends agreed.

I honestly didn’t know how to answer that question. In the back of my mid I wanted to tell her: “Maybe all people change. It’s not like I’ll be so comfortable telling random stories about my life now as much as I did before. And we were all so busy with our lives.”

It kind of made me feel bad. Being quiet doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing right? Being quiet means having to think things before you say them out loud. Or maybe I don’t think my stories will be fun enough for them to listen to.

Time passed and I changed like they did.


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