I’m still jobhunting and it gets me so frustrated.

After 2 consecutive days of being interviewed in a certain company I’ve applied for, I just feel exhausted and frustrated.

This is why it sucks to be a fresh graduate. I don’t have any job experience yet and then these employers look for it in order for an applicant to be qualified. Oh right. Aside from that, I don’t know if I should keep track of the “almost-got-hired-but-somehow-i-messed-up” applications.

I am getting so frustrated. Like, I am pretty sure I did my best in my last interview and what do I get? It’s the typical, “We will just call you in _ days. But if you haven’t received a call from us, you may move on with your application to other companies.” (But I’m still hoping they’d call though) It  crushes my self-esteem by getting rejected over and over. Not good news for me.

Then, I had all these hospitals lined up where I submitted my resumes and requirements. Getting a call from one of them will surely make my day. I mean, my previous applications were not really for staff nurse positions but they are medical related. But, I’d love it more if I’ll get hired as a staff nurse in a hospital. That would be far better because that’s what I studied for. And chances were like pretty slim unless the odds will be totally in my favor. That’s mostly because of the oversupply of nurses here in this country.

Sometimes, I do ask myself, why did I took up nursing? Well, the answer is my parents’ choice. I wouldn’t blame them though, I know that they only want the best for me. Also, I’ve learned to love nursing and I feel that maybe it’s more of my “calling”.

If it’s meant to be, then, I’ll be hired as a staff nurse. I could use extra supplies of patience in waiting for the right job or rather my first job. Whatever comes first, well I will see soon.


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