On the brighter side

In order for me to move on with my job application- frustrations, I need to look at the brighter side. So I would be mostly having rationalizations with myself to get over it.

Well, it was nice to talk to people who are complete strangers. Actually, I even got lost on my way to the building where I was supposed to have my interview. I asked this one older guy to point out the direction to my destination. It’s really nice of him to walk with me and show me the way since he’s also headed the same way but to a different building though. As we were walking, I got to talk with him about random things. Like for example, what job I was applying for, what course did I took up in college, and many more. He also talked a little about himself and his family.It was just great to know that there are still nice and helpful people out there.

Then, at the actual job interview, I got to make some new friends and talked with them too about our lives and anything under the sun as we waited for our turns to be called by the HR staff.

By the end of the day, if I am going to look at this positively, everything that happens, definitely has a purpose and God has a reason for that. I guess I’ll just wait, be patient, and keep on trying. God has the right timing, right place, and right reason for everything that will happen. And I’m sure God has definitely the most awesome plans for me.


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