What happened to my 2012?

November 30, 2012. Tomorrow, it will be the last month of this year. WTH happened to my 2012? I can remember myself, last year, listing in my head all the New Year’s resolutions that I should accomplish even though I knew there’ll be no point in doing so.  I can recall having the New Year’s eve with my family. We were having fun at that time. My brothers and I sang the song “2012” that night. We were like: “2-0-1-2… Ohhhh…We’re gonna party like, like it’s the end of the world.” Except that I don’t really believe that the world is going to end this year.

Anyhoo, what happened to my 2012? It was the last year of my college student years. I freaking wanted my studies to finish way back then. Now, I’m just moping around, wishing I could go back to college, study, have my duty at the hospitals, go out with my friends, and most specially I missed receiving my allowance from my parents. Life for college students here in my country isn’t like those in the others wherein when you turned 18 or something, you need to move out, find a place of your own, and you need to pay for your own college tuition or work your ass off to get your tuition loans to get paid. It is the other way around here in Philippines. It is the parents’ responsibilities to pay for your tuition and give your allowance. The only responsibility you get is study hard and finish school. Well, this is only true to those who are lucky enough to afford the ever increasing tuition fees.

I had the remaining months of my college life spent finishing all the requirements I needed to graduate. I had the busiest days way back then when I had so little time for sleep just to make sure I’ll make it to the candidates for the graduation list. Then, we had those days entirely dedicated to reviewing for our board exams, reading notes, and answering loads of practice tests. We had our graduation ceremonies. Those days went by so fast.

I also had the most gut-twisting 2 days of my life this year, which was my Nursing Board examination. I remember  that day so well except for the questions that have been asked and the answers that I chose. Then, this year, I made it through that exam and survived. Now, I am a registered nurse and I’m really proud that I managed to achieve that.

After the results of the exam were released in August, I was now set to the “world of the unemployed”. As much as I would love to earn money, well, I’m a little bit in need of luck, so I am still jobless and broke. I didn’t know that time would fly so fast when I am stuck at home doing nothing but think about the career path I must take. I am 3 months unemployed. That is what makes me frustrated most of the days. But I still believe that there is a reason behind all of these things happening to me as I always say. But I still hope to get hired by the end of this year.

I still have 1 more month this year. Hopefully, great things are going to happen!


2 thoughts on “What happened to my 2012?

  1. I’ve also been wondering where 2012 has gone, it seems every year is going quicker and quicker. There’s still things that I wanted to do this year that I didn’t get around to doing…. so maybe next year! Wishing you the best of luck for 2013 and I hope you find the job of your dreams.

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