Mr. Superman & Mrs. Superwoman

Just found out about the Daily Prompt. I can’t believe I’ve been here for months and I’ve just discovered it. Anyway, on with my post:

Inspiration from: Daily Prompt: My Hero

I remember a certain point in my childhood, my teacher asked our class who is our hero. She asked us to write an essay about who is the person we consider to be our own personal hero. I can recall way back then, that I would always write either my mum and my dad in those essays. Here I am again, writing about my heroes, Mr. Superman & Mrs. Superwoman.

Mr. Superman, my dad. Though I’ve never had the luxury to spend most of my childhood with him, I’ve always considered him to be a special man in my life. He is a real superhero. He worked abroad since I was a baby just to give his family a good life. And for me, any man who is able to provide well to his family within his capabilities, and able to do his best to fulfill his responsibilities, is greater than any superhero that has been created in comics or in movies.

Mrs. Superwoman, my mum. She’s SUPER in terms of giving the best love that she can give to her children. She’s always been there for me and my brothers. She was there to guide us while my dad is away working. She may be crazy in her own way, like she rants in full mode when she sees our house so unkempt. But that’s just the way she is and we love her for that.

My parents are indeed my heroes. I think they do deserve a post in my blog. This is for the best parents who are SUPERHEROES in their own way, mum and dad. The two of you have always inspired me. You may have always been overprotective of me but I know you just want the best for me.


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