When did I become so..

Over the past months, I noticed that I did really change. Maybe, me wanting to act a little bit more mature has something to do with it. Ever since I started my job hunting adventures (as I like to call it), it became easier for me to get along with people I just met. I know that I should not really be trusting anyone that easily but it’s irrelevant anyway. The point is that I became more ‘conversant’ with other people. Way back before, I found myself as a person who is really shy. I was someone who will not start a conversation with a person I just met, because I’m not yet comfortable. But now, well, I’m proud of myself. I can make a conversation with these new people I meet and really enjoy the time I spend with them. There are still the awkward moments when we seem to have no topics to talk about. But mostly, it’s really a good thing to find myself have a new friend.


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