I had to, this time

I’ve been busy the past few days. I’m really thinking so much about how I should go on with my career. Apparently, I’m “too much of a fresh grad” to be hired to work as staff nurse in a hospital. Like, that really doesn’t give a lot of options.

Option 1: Continue giving out my resumes and credentials to countless hospitals until one contacts me and schedules me for an exam and interview. Then I get hired.

Option 2: Be a volunteer nurse in a hospital. In that way, I could have an experience. Arghhhh..This is so frustrating. Volunteering is equal to not having salary and I’m saying hello to another few months of being broke and depending on my parents. Oh great!

Option 3: Start on my masters (not an option, lol, I don’t have funds for that yet but I can dream right?)

Option 4: Shift to another career (uhmmm..)

Option 5: Any medical-related job will do.

It’s really disappointing to find myself being included in a situation wherein there’s an oversupply of nurses in this country, yet, there’s not enough job for all of us. Sadly, nurses here have to endure volunteering, being underemployed, or in the case of those who are employed as staff nurses, being underpaid. This is why it’s frustrating. I want a job, but not just a job. I want a job which will make me happy at what I do. I guess, I’ll have to settle for volunteering, if ever my application as a volunteer nurse be accepted. *crosses fingers*


7 thoughts on “I had to, this time

    • I can try. Still not sure though. It will depend on how my schedule will be when I volunteer. It’s some sort of training that I have to complete. Nursing organizations here in our country are against volunteerism in hospitals. They refer to it as exploitation rather than volunteering.

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