Don’t you ask me about..

If there will be a person who is going to ask me this, I’ll guarantee you 100 % awkwardness from me. What am I talking about? Well, ask me anything, I’ll answer you in the best way that I can. But don’t you ask me about how my lovelife is doing. Am I single or not? How many boyfriends was I able to have? Am I dating or not?

Sometimes I can’t understand myself. Actually, I’m not totally against the idea of someone asking me about it. But, I have the ability to turn that freaking moment into a big awkward situation. When I get those types of question, well, I think I do blush, and I would stutter. That would be so embarrassing.

I remember a time when my groupmates from college asked me that kind of question. I can recall everyone’s gaze cast upon me. Oh my God, inside my head, I was praying that a hole on the ground would open so that I would be swallowed by it. Thank God, I was able to live through that. Just Kidding.

So, that’s that.


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