Decide to try


I try not to be afraid and not to think too much. I hope that I can do this. No matter how I say this to myself again and again, I still keep on doing this. I know that I should not pressure myself and that I should lessen my expectations. This way, I will not get hurt.

I’ve always been a kind of girl who has got a lot of dreams for herself. Dreaming of dreams is one of my favorite things to do in this world. I write about my dreams, about how I can achieve them, how happy I would feel once I become successful, and how much my family would be proud of me.

As much as I love to dream, I am often held back by my fears. I’d say that those are my worst enemy. I mean, I let it consume me in some times and forget how strong I could be if I wanted to.

Here I am again, hoping and dropping the fears that I have in mind. I am now trusting myself. I know I can do a lot if I start to decide to try.


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