Daily Prompt: Do I really want to be forever young?

If there were a real Fountain of Youth, would you drink the water?

I don’t know actually. But I think, I’d rather not. I want to live life to the fullest. I want to be able to achieve my goals and be successful. I want to try things and really experience it. I want to drop the fears and just live the moment. I want to be able to appreciate things. And I know I wouldn’t be able to do those if I know that I can live forever because I will just procrastinate or something.

But I sure wouldn’t want to stay like forever. I’m fine with my life right now, because I have my loved ones with me. I wouldn’t want to live ‘forever’ without the people who are important to me.

Also, I think that I am still young to ‘want’ a drink from the Fountain of Youth, so it’s hard to tell. I have a life ahead of me. I am awaiting to take on opportunities that are hopefully coming my way. I am looking forward to meeting new people. I am excited to do crazy things that will make me laugh when I look back 20-40 years from now.

It’s just different when I know I am changing in a good way, physically and mentally. That is what will make me look back and reminisce what I had been way back then.

As much as this sounds so cliche, I want to grow old with someone I love. I would love to have little grandchildren running around and I will make my future favorite grandchild (probably the one who loves to read and write) read my journal or this blog of mine.

Drinking from the fountain of youth is too tempting but I think, I personally I wouldn’t need it.


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