Daily Prompt: I hate to LOVE

Confession time! I hate to LOVE Taylor Swift. I’ve been a fan of hers, more of because she writes too many songs that hit something in me. I’ve never really liked the fact that she’s dated a lot of guys that they said, she uses to make songs for her album. I don’t give a sh*t about that.

I just love her songs. I can listen to her for a whole day. I know her songs by heart and I can sing with my heart out while she’s on my music player. From the time I heard Love Story and You Belong With Me. Oh my god, don’t get me started. When I am alone at home, I’ll sing loudly with my hairbrush (so cliche) and whip my hair like she does on her concerts. I hate to love her.

Then, I’ll have to say that her songs are songs that makes me feel things. I mean, when I’m in love or I’m the most bitter person on the world, I could listen to her. She’s kind of writing what I’m feeling and makes me feel like she understands me. Okay, so I sound like crazy. Currently, I can’t help but sing songs from her newest album like Red, 22, Everything Has Changed, I Knew You Were Trouble, and The Last Time. See? I’m such a swifty. And I hate it.


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