2012 Wrap Up

This is the list of things that definitely made up to my “Top 10 Moments of 2012” (in random order, just because it’s hard for me to  really put them in order):

1. Getting back to my WordPress page:

On AUGUST 28, 2012, out of nowhere, I decided to be back to my WordPress page and decide to blog about my life. Well, it’s been a huge help in my part since I was able to vent out all of my feelings in here. There are also these cool people who were kind enough to pay attention to my posts, so, THANK YOU!

2. Graduating from college:

College life definitely gave me lots of memories. I’ve had 4 years to work hard for a degree in BS Nursing. My efforts were rewarded. I also got to meet some of the most awesome people and they became a part of my life.

3. Passing the Nursing Licensure Exam:

This year is definitely memorable because I’ve become one of the lucky ones who survived the so-called “The Hunger Games” of the BSN Graduates in the Philippines. Now, I have those two letters, RN, attached to my name.

4. Meeting new people

It’s really nice that I was able to make new friends, new friends in Real Life and Internet friends (On-Line friends). They’re all great!

5. Sobbing because of watching a movie

Did I ever mention I am a TwiHard? If not yet, well, watching the last movie from the series was one of the best moments in my 2012. Don’t hate on me now.

6. I talked to people whom I thought I’d never had a chance to talk to.

It’s just weird because I have some relatives of mine, particularly my cousins, who didn’t ever talk to me for years. So, after I passed the board exam, voila! They talked to me. So, that made me feel good.

7. Watching the pyromusical thingy with my college groupmates

I just think I put it here because I like watching fireworks so much. I don’t know. I just get the romantic feels when I watch one.

8. There are these times wherein I let my guard down and hug the people whom I think I should hug

When I passed the board (I know I’m talking about it a lot), I hugged my mother (I don’t do it on usual days). During our clinical graduation, I hugged all my groupmates. I must admit, I think they were a bit shocked when I did that.

9. I went to places I’ve never been before

Though it’s not that far away, I’m still proud of myself for being able to go to a place and explore it a bit. I’ve had good memories getting lost at those places.

10. I survived the supposedly “End of the World”

I know, I know, this is all used up. But at least we’re all safe right? Then, there’s another year to look forward to. So bring 2013 on!



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