My life in 2012 is sure ending with a bang. Much of the unexpected has happened. In times like this, I totally tell myself that making plans do not seem to look good as I thought it does. I’m not implying that I shouldn’t be making plans at all, but I’m sidetracked by the “surprises” that are currently happening to me just before this year ends.

A surprise it is and I cannot be more grateful for it. I’ve always been frustrated in the past on how things are not cooperating with what I wanted to happen. But, luckily, I think things are finally working out. I’m just so ecstatic about the turn of events. I will finally be able to start a path in my life, a path I’ve always wanted to take. Maybe it is really true that every single thing happening do really have reason for occurring. I’m scared of the unknown but I am more excited. I might as well put a sign over my head saying: 2013 BRING IT ON! That’s what I feel right now.

You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen. – Paulo Coelho




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