Daily Prompt: My Life’s Page 3

Before I go on with my page 3, well, I’d like to include what mostly I will write in my page 1 & 2. So here it goes:

Mum and Dad met through a common friend. Dad was not actually my mum’s type. But through Dad’s persistence in courting her, she finally fell in love with him and got married. Mum had always told me that they waited long enough for me. My parents used to go to a church famous for the miracles that happens to its devotees (Quiapo Church), asking God to give them a child. They became devotees and hoped for a miracle. Then, BAM! at that moment, a little girl named Jenny was welcomed to the world.

Now jumping to my Page 3:

I was nothing special except in the eyes of my parents. I have always tried to be their good girl. I remember myself striving hard to be one of the best students in class. I have always wanted to meet their expectations. I was well-behaved. They barely even had problems with me. I am the responsible child. They always believed in me and that’s why I was given much freedom. I never did have curfews and never been grounded.

The younger me has always been shy with other people. I recalled myself refusing to go to any gatherings because I don’t actually feel comfortable interacting with other people. My mum had always lectured me for being such a shy person.

In my early days, I was that carefree girl. I laughed as much as I can. I made friends. I even remember those days I talked to my childhood crush in my elementary class. Heck, he was even my seatmate. Why I’m saying this now, I don’t know. I feel like he deserves a mention in the page 3 of my autobiography. But though, he did got mentioned here, well, sad to say, I don’t have any idea where he is right now.

Okay..so I don’t really know up to what event in my life my page 3 should stop. But I loved reminiscing my childhood days. So that’s it!


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