Day 1 of 365

It’s New Year here in Manila. I’d like to say Happy New Year too to everybody who will be reading this post of mine. Best of luck to us for this year!

I am feeling it, all the positive vibes for 2013. I just feel that something bigger and better is in store for me this year. I have this sense of excitement every time I think of the possibilities.

I came to realize how I appreciate the simplicity of how we spent the New Year’s Eve. I am with my family, only my father is missing since he is overseas, working. We are lucky to have these many blessings given to us. I have them with me. I only wish my father to be with us though.

Actually, before this day, I was suggesting we go outside to the parks and celebrate our new year there with other bunch of people, but they’re such killjoys so I gave up with my plans. Anyway, we just kind of made noises at home. We had trumpets and we had our stereo on full blast.

I am such a fan of fireworks. That’s a thing I am very certain of when it comes to new year celebrations. Well, it turned out that there is a fireworks display nearby our place. Me, my mum, and my brothers went out to the balcony to watch the fireworks. I tell you, I feel like the child in me has been awakened. I was like: OMG! That’s so amazing! Oh God! Oh God! I can’t stop being awed by the fireworks. It was so close to where we were standing from our balcony. We even saw a lantern at the sky. My eyes were glued to that thing. I thought it some kind of shooting star coming down to us. Well, I was a bit of exaggerated with that one. When the fire/light in that lantern went out, I was all WOW with it.

We did our usual traditions of jumping up and down when the clock strike 12 and we shook our hands with coins inside it for prosperity or something. There’s nothing bad with doing those. It might bring more luck and I’m not saying no to that.

Then, after we’ve done that, we ate and drank our hearts out. Well, for me, not so much since I am still writing this post.

I just really really hope that this year will be so amazing. I have a lot of things to be grateful already even if it is just the 1st day of 2013. Good Vibes at the start of the year. And I’m starting my year with writing, so I’m glad I’m making a difference.

By the way, I will try my best to write every day for 2013. 🙂


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