It’s now official. Finally! After having a bum life for 6 months, I will doing something. I’ll be undergoing a training in a hospital. I’m so excited but kind of nervous. It will be my first time to actually practice my profession. I feel so blessed.

Now, I realize why I wasn’t accepted for the other jobs that I’ve applied for in the past. I was so hard on myself because I never seem to have a luck to secure a position in Call Center jobs. I felt so frustrated that I began to think WTH is wrong with me? Little did I know that God has made a better plan for me, which is way way way better than the plan that I have for myself. It finally clicked in my mind, that maybe I was really meant to be a nurse who will help serve patients in the hospital who are in need. This moment may be the SIGN that I have been asking for months now.

I am so glad that so far, 2013 has brought so many good news for me. I’ve read my horoscopes for this year yesterday. I tell you, the predictions are all bad. But nevermind those predictions, I feel good about myself now. I feel blessed because I’m finally moving forward.

I really do hope that I’ll be able to drop the negative things that I know will eventually be plaguing my mind. I vow to lessen my over-thinking habits and replace it with mantras like: “Don’t worry. It will be fine.”, “You can do it. You’re strong.”, and “Keep positive. Keep positive.” I’ve said before that I’m not highly religious but I depend on praying in enabling me to overcome my worries. I love it that I can say that I am taking a leap of faith, that I just know that something better or greater will happen to me.

For now, heck, I’m nervous. It’s a usual thing for me when I try new things. I am nervous because I don’t want to shame myself and my school if I commit a mistake. But, hopefully, I will not., I’ll stop my worrying in this paragraph.

Though I am nervous, I am more excited. I can’t wait to learn, to meet new people, to help other people, and improve myself. I just feel so blessed that my career path is finally getting clearer.


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