11th Item

What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?

There are actually two bucket lists that I made: 1) 101 Things in 1001 Days, 2) Things To Do Before I turn 22, an inspiration I’ve got from dayzeroproject.com. As I said before, I want to try and experience things, now that I am getting older. 🙂

#11 in my 101 Things to do in 1001 Days: Go to some place I’ve never been gone to

I’ve always dreamed of travelling to other places. When I do this item on my bucket list, I want to go to a certain province here in my country, Vigan, Ilocos Sur or Cebu, to be specific. I just find those places extremely beautiful. If I will have the time and money, I’ll definitely pack my bags and go.

I would absolutely like to try this. I want some adrenaline when I visit Cebu!

FUNtastic Island, Medellin, Cebu

Bantayan Island, Cebu

The idea of going to Vigan gives me the feeling of time-travel back to the Spanish Colonial Period in the Philippines.

Vigan, Ilocos Sur

#11 in my Things to do before I turn 22 list: Enroll myself in a yoga class, dance class, or gym

Over the past years, I have always made the New Year’s Resolution of losing weight or living healthy. Sad to say, I was never patient enough to stick to my words. I get tired of putting effort and all together give up on the idea. I hope I’ll manage to do this before I turn 22. I really do need to lose some weight and live healthier.

Here I am again making plans, lists, and all those stuffs, I hope I’ll be able to cross off as many items as I can.


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