Crazy World

I’m back again. It’s been a while. Time flies by so fast. It’s now mid-January. Lots of things are happening. So I may post a lot. I’ve been undergoing a nursing training program.

It’s like first day of school again. I am “my usual quiet self” at the first 2 weeks (that’s just how I am). Everybody is like: “Can you speak?” or “Do you ever speak?” It’s a bit annoying. Of course, I can. Duh. I always hate it when people judge me when they haven’t talked to me yet.

After that week of incessant comments on my introvert personality, I finally began to warm up to the people around me. I got to meet and talk to some awesome people. They’re actually fun to have conversations with. There are a lot of moments wherein we’ll just laugh and laugh. Then, my stomach will hurt because, well, it’s their fault.

I am now relieved that there has been a progress with me in making new friends. I am much more of a conversant now. I guess this is just the way I am. I am shy at first, but when you take time to actually know me, I’m one of the craziest people that you will meet.

It’s still an unclear journey. I have lots to work hard for. I want to be able to achieve things for myself. This is just the beginning of everything.

I’m also glad that in line with my training, I now have a part-time job. I’m proud of myself for doing that. Hopefully, I’ll be able to earn more, so I can help with my family’s expenses.

All in all, I am still coping with the changes. I need to keep up with my life. This is what I love about what’s happening now, I am finally moving forward.


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