Long rides

Everyday I get up, doing the routine I’ve been having for the past 2 weeks. I am not complaining, but rather appreciating. One of the perks of not having a phone with all the apps and music player is that it gives me time to ponder on a lot of things.

I love it when random topics cross my mind. Those topic can vary, from a sad to happy one, from worrying to being excited, from being sorry to being thankful, etc.

I would have liked it much better if I’m able to write down all those thoughts in my journal. But I’m afraid that it will be impossible due to my worry that others may read what I’m actually writing.

At the start of my day, I begin to think of the things that can possibly happen in the day. I worry about how I will be able to survive with the adult life. I think of my best friends and miss them. I will think of everything until I fall into a nap and wake up when I’m near to my destination.

On my way home, I usually enjoy a snack and enjoy the music playing from the radio station. If my mind is not plagued with my thoughts, I stare across the car’s window, watching people pass by, wondering what kind of life do they have. Sometimes, I also think of what it might have been if I am living a different life from what I am living on right now. Then, I’ll eventually drift off to sleep. I know that I should be careful of falling asleep in public transport vehicles, but I can’t help it if I feel so tired.

Then, I just wake up. I’m suddenly near on my way home. Then, that’s the wrap up of  my endless  internal ramblings.


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