When life leads you to this road

There were times when I question myself about the things that had led me to where I am right now. My over-thinking mind would tell me that I don’t even belong to where I am now but I refuse to believe that.

I have always believed that where I am right now is the result of what I have done in the past. Aside from that, it’s not only what happened in the past that may have brought me here. Maybe, it’s JUST meant to be.

I have encountered lots of people who say that they didn’t even plan to be where they are now. It’s not their choice to live the kind of life they are living now.

It’s like no matter how we plan our lives. There’s always something that will throw us off the steady path that we’re taking. We can’t plan every thing.  Life is more exciting if there will be surprises as we go on our journey.

I just realized that maybe I am really meant to be here. No matter what I do to make myself feel not worth it or no matter how I worry, it always turns out that in the end, I AM MEANT TO BE HERE. I must have done something to make me deserve where I am now.

Life leads us to different roads. My life has taken me to where I am right now. I am glad to say that I am enjoying what life and God has given me.


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