Don’t be hard on yourself. Enjoy the moment.

Dear you,

Stop stressing out yourself. You’re being hard on yourself again.

I know you’ve got to be better than you are, that you need to learn a lot of things, that you’ve got to exceed expectations, and that you need to prove to yourself that you’re good enough. People’s eyes are on you, judging you if you are ready, if you are capable enough, and that is what stresses you out. Well, RELAX. BREATHE. Let go of those thoughts.

Start enjoying the moment. Appreciate things around you. You should be aware that you’re lucky because you were given such opportunity. You are there to learn and you do not have to prove that you’re something. Just be you. Just love what you do, enjoy it. Nothing is going to happen with all the worrying that you’re doing. Keep that in mind.

When you’re feeling down because something happened that made you feel unworthy or offended, say to yourself, “Well, fvck them! I am fabulous and I can do this!” Arghhh..I hope you can stick to this mantra forever.

You’re doing good, Jenny. I know you are. You know in yourself that you enjoy  your life now, even if it is so exhausting to keep up with all that has been happening. Just do not let the negativity turn you down. You’ll get through this. Trust yourself.


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