The Beginning

I’m back again! During my previous posts I’ve been mentioning that I am undergoing a training at the hospital for employment. I have been having my duties for one week now and so far, I’m enjoying every moment of it.

I would declare this period in my life as the beginning of my career as a registered nurse. I realized that in my profession, there should be constant improvement of myself. It’ s like you cannot just stop at one point. I know it’s a little bit tiring but I have no choice, I’m already here. I cannot turn back anymore.

What makes me love what I do now is that I am now getting the feeling of how it is to be a staff nurse in a hospital.

My favorite part of my hospital duties is when my patients thank me for what I do for them. That’s when I know that I am being efficient and that I am able to attend to their needs. I know that I am not that great yet in terms of skills, but I can be great in interacting with them. It just feels good that they appreciate me, that they thank me and smile at me as they go for discharge.

Maybe this is why I’ve been in nursing. I am beginning to appreciate it more and love it more.

Whatever will be the result of this training, I will fully accept and understand it. All I am keeping in my mind now is that if it is meant to be, it will be. I’ll just go with the flow.


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