I realized how lucky I am to find such true friends and keep them up until now. I am truly blessed because they are the type of friends that I don’t need to see that often to make me feel that they care about me.

I didn’t actually have lots of close friends. I only have a few who are very worthy of keeping.

I could talk to them life forever about random things about our lives. We can laugh and joke about everything and never get tired of it. We cried together. We laughed at the silly things we did. They are practically my sisters and I do feel very protective of them.

It’s just great that even if we seem to have different paths taken in our lives, we are somehow still interconnected, still close to each other.

I am forever thankful to them that they stick with me from my worst to best shape. I am lucky to have them in my life, knowing that they are one of the things that I would never dare to imagine to lose.


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