How I spent my Valentines Day

I would have loved to write here about a story on how I spent Valentines Day with my sweetheart, having a dinner with him, and receiving chocolates and flowers from him, but lol, no. Sorry to say, I don’t have ‘that’ guy to spend this day with.

So, instead of telling about that scenario, I spent my Valentines Day having a duty at the hospital. I had so much fun during my duty. My senior nurses and fellow trainees organized a mini-party since we will now be able to celebrate the Valentines day outside. Another plus for today is that our patients gave us cakes and other sweet stuff. It’s also our last day of duty for that area of the hospital, so we made sure to make it memorable.

I also spent my day trying to lower the blood pressure of my patient who is super hypertensive. Thank God, he was okay by the time that our duty ended.

All in all, this is a great way to spend Valentines Day. I learned a lot. I’ve made good memories. That’s good, instead of me wallowing because of the fact that I am single and doesn’t have a Valentine.



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