Daily Prompt:Runaway

Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?

I was so scared. I was running for my life. I was running away from something, from someone. I can’t even stop to think, to pause, to catch my breath. I was panicking.

I was searching for my family. I wouldn’t want to lose them in this mess. I’d like to keep them with me forever. I was scared for my life, for our lives. I can’t even bear to imagine my life without them.

I found one of my brothers. We both run and struggled for our lives. We didn’t know where the others were. Cars keep chasing us. We kept searching for a hiding place, a safe place. 

We found ourselves stuck in a house. We tried to lock everything. 

There was pounding on the door. My brother and I scooted close to each other. Fearing what’s awaiting for us outside the house. Then, as the door was slammed open, the dream ended.


I think my dream basically meant that I was running away from a lot of my past bad memories. I was trying to run away from them, to get over my insecurities, my mistakes, and my worries. The part wherein I was searching for my family, I think that refers to my need of having someone to be “actually there for me” during those hard times. Maybe, I need someone who could listen to my problems and just hear me out. I am yearning for someone who could make me feel better about myself.

Also, the part when there was pounding on the door, I think that would be the freedom from those bad things that were chasing me all my life. I just realized that maybe if I could let that door open, I will be set free from my negativity and all those stuff.

Now, that I’ve thought about it, I think it really fits my situation. I am slowly getting out of all the negativity that were all in my past. I am just trying to live my life to the best of my capabilities. I just look forward to more.


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