It’s been almost a year since I’ve read a  novel. I don’t know how I last without doing so.  I am actually a bookworm. Most of the people who knew me would say that I am an avid reader. It just saddens me a bit because I miss reading. It’s weird that now that I’ve got lots of time to read, it’s when I don’t seem to be in the mood for reading. Maybe, I am turning into such a severely lazy person that even reading a book is not worth my efforts. And to have that thought ran across my mind, it terrifies me.

I miss the feeling of holding a  copy of book  in my hands. I miss the excitement I feel when I just came home from the bookstore after buying a book that I’ve been wanting to read for ages. I long for those times when I can squeal over the scenes in the book that I’ve been reading, and how I would stay up all night trying to finish a book that I’ve been hooked on to.

I’ve been craving for those moments that I would excitedly turn page by page, being immersed deeply into the plot of the story, and how I would slow down as I realize that I am nearing to the end of a book.

I know that I could have read the books in the long list of my “Books to Read” list through e-book, but I prefer reading the “actual books”.

Also, reading has been one of my ways of coping. It was like an escape from reality. When life gets tough for me, I actually lose myself into the characters’ story to make me forget the things that I should have been worrying about.

Another fact about me when it comes to books, is that when I’m in a bookstore or library, it makes me feel calm. It’s some sort of therapy for me. You could go ask my friend about it and she would tell you that she leaves me alone to browse books. She understands that I love being surrounded with books. I just do.

Hopefully, I would get back to my habit of reading books. I should find time. I miss spending my days with a good novel.


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