When days pass by as fast like what’s happening now, I can’t help but sigh and wonder about a lot of many things. I feel like everything is changing.

Everybody changes. Everything changes.  Yes. I could feel myself changing. I could feel that I beginning to think more maturely. But I still refuse to let go of my childishness. I still love singing and dancing like I am having a concert when I shower. I still piss off my brothers just because I want to pull pranks on them.

I might be changing, but I hope that will be a good change in me. I hope that will be an improvement. 

I am still searching for more. I know that I should feel contented, but I feel like I am still missing out something in life. I don’t know what it is yet.

I am still starting my journey. I will encounter a lot of people that may or may not hugely affect my life. Who knows?

I just want a change for a better me.


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